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N Gauge 1908 RCH Private Owner Wagons from Mathieson Models

23 June 2011

  Mathieson N gauge 1908 RCH Private Owner Wagons


Mathieson Models, a relatively new name for British outline N Gauge models, produced a limited edition run of 450 items based on private owner wagons. 

Interestingly these are completely new authentic items based on the 1908 Railway Clearing House (RCH) specification.

The Railway Clearing House was tasked with designing wagons to a common specification for private owners to adhere to when having new wagons built from humble coal merchants to large collieries. These would be built by different wagon building companies to a common specification to ensure these wagons would be compatible operating with designs by the different railway companies of the time.

Mathieson N gauge 1908 RCH Private Owner Wagons - Haydock


Mathieson N gauge 1908 RCH Private Owner Wagons - Bradbury

Item No. MW0011  
1908 RCH Open Wagon (Haydock)


Item No. MW0010   
1908 RCH Open Wagon (Bradbury)

The two wagons under review represent examples of this design and seem to follow examples built by the Gloucester Railway Carriage and Wagon Company. A feature of this design was the end hinged door at one end. These new wagons are made in China and are fully up to the standards of the mainstream manufacturers such as Peco, Bachmann and Dapol. The wagon underframes faithfully replicated, the wooden type of sole bars used in wagons from this era. Of special note are the separately moulded V hangers and handbrake levers, also finely moulded is the brake linkage, the wagons feature metal see through spoke wheels.

The body features the standard seven plank design and as with the underframe the moulded door detail and body strapping is finely executed, the moulded detail even extends to the wagon interiors. A novel feature of these wagons is the use of a transparent clear plastic material for the standard N Gauge Rapido type coupling whilst not invisible this novel idea is certainly less obtrusive than the standard black plastic coupling we are all used to.

The problem of getting some weight into these wagons has been overcome by using a metal plate which sits in between the sole bars and headstocks flush with the bottom of the solebar. It is to this plate that the coupling boxes are fitted. There is also a recess in this plate to which the plastic brake gear is fitted.

Livery of both samples was a pleasing semi matt black finish with white lettering featuring Haydock of St. Helens and Bradbury of London, Southampton and Cardiff. Also printed on the sole bars were tiny owners and builders plates whilst the interiors are in a matt dark brown finish.

To conclude these new wagons are a fine and useful addition for modellers and cover a long life span from 1908 to the 1950s. Mathieson Models is to be congratulated on producing a new model fully equal to the standards of the mainstream manufacturers, indeed these new standards even exceed those of others readily available, itself no mean achievement. One can only look forward to new releases from this company.

The models are available from: Mathieson Models, 135 Carr Lane, Acomb, York, YO26 5HL, UK

Richard Dockerill

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