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British Railway Modelling Digital Photography Awards - WIN a Fuji Bridge camera

18 April 2012

BRM digital photography awards  - Win a Fuji Bridge camera! BRM digital photography awards  - Take your best shot and Win a Fuji Bridge camera work £369.95

The BRM Digital Photography Awards is designed to showcase the best model railway photography. The competition is now closed - winners of our superb Fuji HS25 EXR high-spec digital Bridge camera to be announced soon!

12 steps to taking a better photo - April 2012 BRM  
If you need inspiration or tips, look at Tony Wright’s five-page feature, plus the 12-step guide to taking the perfect image, in the April 2012 issue of BRM!
BRM is also availble for the iPad and mobile devices as a digital edition!

You spend thousands of pounds and many years of your life creating the ultimate model railway layout, locomotive, item of rolling stock, building or scenery. And, during this journey your digital camera helps capture its transformation from raw materials into a lifelike, believable replica of your chosen prototype. 

Digital photography and model railways go hand-in-hand, which is why we’ve teamed up with leading photographic supplier Jessops to offer you the chance to show the world your model railway images and stand a chance of winning a £369.95* digital camera, or, as second prize, your favourite print being made into a canvas for you to hang on the wall. 

Win a Fuji Bridge camera

As well as this superb Fuji HS25 exclusive to Jessops, the winner will also receive a Jessops Tecno Holster Case, worth £29.95!

The competition is now closed, with some high quality entries our judge - long-time BRM photographer Tony Wright - is sifting through these and the winners will be announced soon!

The winning images will also be shown at the National Festival of Railway Modelling in Peterborough on October 15/16, 2012. Please note, all prices stated in this competition were correct at the time of going to press.

Galllery - just some of the entries to-date

Mike Lynch

Mike Lynch 1

Dale End

Heljan D5340 (class 26) trundles light engine over the viaduct on a Sunday afternoon.  Micro model made to fit on an IKEA bookcase shelf.  Displays typical urban dereliction common to most cities in the mid to late 1960’s.  The model is made so that it can link up to a circle of track in order to watch the trains go by.  All scenics are from Scalescenes with the courtyard made from DAS clay.

Mike Lynch 2

Barrow Hill

Morning at Barrow Hill.  Trains from left to right:  Lima Deltic, Bachmann Class 40, Heljan Class 47, Lima Shunter, Heljan class 26, Hornby Class 20, Bachmann Class 08, Dapol 2-6-2 Prairie and a Heljan Class 33 going on to the turntable.  3ft x 3ft micro model with a Walthers Cornerstone turntable.  Roof made from galvanized fencing wire and all walls/roof from Scalecenes papers.

Mike Lynch 3

The Scrapyard

Another micro model that fits on an IKEA bookcase shelf.  A Bachmann Class 108 passes above the scrapyard in a 1970’s scene.  Note the new BR chevron on the 108 and the old BR crest on the Prairie below – the old replacing the new.  All scenics from Scalescenes, the steam engines are heavily weathered Dapol 9F and 2-6-2 models and the overhead arm is handmade from Evergreen girder.  This model can also be linked up to a circle of track.

Keith Rogers and Sydney Thompson

keith rogers 1
keith rogers 2
keith rogers 3
A North British/Caledonian project, 1880 to 1920, which has taken 3 years to build with an estimated 12 months to completion. Being an Edwardian era layout, lots of research has been done and much is scratch built.

Nigel Goff

Nigel Goff 1

Shunting Dunvegan Yard.

Hunslet ROD 4-6-0T built after the First World War to 2'6" gauge. The model is to a scale of 1:24 to run on 32mm gauge track. The body is scratch built on a commercial underframe. It is named 'Skye'

Nigel Goff 2

'Evening in Portree Shed'.

Welshpool and Llanfair 0-6-0T No822 'The Earl'. The model is completely scratch built, mainly in tinplate and is about 30 years old. 

Nigel Goff 3

Dinorwic Quarry Hunslet 0-4-0ST 'King of the Scarlets'

..trundling through Broadford Junction station during shunting. This engine is from a modified Slaters kit and is to 16mm/ft scale. Even thoguth out of scale with the other stock, the kit was irresistable.

The three pictures were taken on the indoor part of my garden Isle of Skye Light Railway, which runs from Kyleakin to Dunvegan via Portree and has a brand from Broadfield Junction to Ardvasar on the Sleat peninsular.

Robert Johnstone

Robert johnstone 1
Jinty Rescue
Again OO scale, this started life as a scrap Triang R.52, BR liveried, 3F 'Jinty' from the early 60's. I cut out the coal load and fitted bunker rails, chute, bunker floor/wall and cab back-head detail. Also it has open tank lids and transom windows, a smoke box interior, sand box fillers, screw-link couplings, vacuum pipes, brake gear and tools. The salvage crew are white metal, finished with mixed acrylics.
Robert johnstone 2
Morning Paper
Again from the OO scale goods yard diorama, This is a 'Replica Railways' 57xx which I added figures and extra detail to. It was renumbered to fit the Midlands theme, as this was shedded at Stourbridge around that time period, whereas the original number only saw service in Wales. The figures are white metal painted with acrylics.
Robert johnstone 3
Night Yard
This is a OO scale diorama based on a small GWR goods yard circa 1930. The shed itself was a heavily modded Metcalfe kit, whilst the motor shed and weighbridge hut were scratch built. This shot was taken with the 'Fireworks' setting on a Fuji JV170 to show off the working lighting around the layout. 

John Flann

Hintock - John Flann
Hintock - John Flann

Roy Spratt

Horgreen - Roy Spratt
Horgreen - Roy Spratt
Horgreen - Roy Spratt

Charles Faulkner

charles faulkner
Engines being made ready for duty in the early morning
charles faulkner
4472 being turned in readiness for the return journey
charles faulkner
General view of my model railway

George Davidson

george davidson
A view of the south end of the island platform on our 7mm ‘Glenauchter’ layout at Bo’ness. 
george davidson
Looking north on the layout, a BR Fairburn tank heads south with the 
Perth breakdown train, passing the Glenauchter South box. 

george davidson
Taken from the UP platform of Glenauchter, a Caledonian train
heading south to Glasgow Buchanan Street gets ready to depart.

Alan Cooper

Alan Cooper
Sutton-on-Sea, and a quiet afternoon moment with no parcels for the van driver,
and a B1 gently simmering in platform 4 waiting for its coaches to
be shunted off before release to the shed.
Alan Cooper
Early morning sunshine captures the drayman delivering some
beer to the goods yard,  whilst the morning freight has arrived behind a 4F,
an interloper on this part of the ex-GC of Sutton-on-Sea

Alan Cooper
It's just gone tea-time, and the Cheriton Bishop portion of a Waterloo
express drifts down the bank from the tunnel, just a quarter mile from the station


Lee Morley

Lee Morley

'Just Passing Through' 
For this first image I wanted to give the image a
feel of speed and motion. I used a slow shutter speed as the train drove
through the station and the blood and custard carriages made a nice effect.

Lee Morley
'A window of opportunity'
Staying with the theme of speed and motion I moved to the other
side of the tracks. Once again I used a slow shutter speed and snapped
the shot through the windows of the carriages as they trundled by.

Lee Morley
Brief Encounter
For my final image I wanted to create an image with real atmosphere.
With the train in the station I blew smoke into the scene from some burning matches.
I wanted the image to look like a scene from an old movie and really bring the models to life.


Bob Tame

Bob Tame

A corner of my 6 x 4 fold away layout.

Bob Tame

Interference from the house cat.
Bob Tame

Waiting for a train at Woollen Central. 

Ruth Saunders / Keith Foster

Ruth Saunders and Keith Foster

Gasworks Sidings

A busy morning at the Gasworks sidings.

Ruth Saunders and Keith Foster

Evening Shunting

Loco crew prepare to return to the shed after shunting on a cold winter evening.

Ruth Saunders and Keith Foster


Shunter Briggs awaits the Loco crew.

Simon Cullen

Simon Cullen


EMI E26051 “Mentor” heads out under the wires from London Rd for another tour of duty on the Woodhead Route.

Simon Cullen

Class 37

Class 37 37471 “Highland Region” prepares to leave Port William with the mid-morning passenger service to Inverness.

Simon Cullen

Class 25

Class 25/3 25279 stops at Westmoor Junction Station with the early morning passenger service whilst Class 08623 waits in the sidings for further instructions.

Brian Powell

brian powell

Finally completed sidings with ballast and hand made fencing.

brian powell

Just finished section of the layout!!
brian powell

Dunster Hall country station at night

Ray Pond

Ray Pond

Bachmann Class 03 03162 sits in the siding at East Park Depot

Ray Pond

Bachmann Class 20 20164 waiting to leave Smallend (my scrap yard micro layout)
Ray Pond

Class 37s sitting in the sidings at Diesels in the Duchy (one of my favourite layouts)

Don Carruthers

Don Carruthers

Scenes of the terminal station with Roundhouse and surrounding streets

Don Carruthers

Don Carruthers

Do you think you can do better? Get snapping and send us your best shots!

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