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Readers Model Railway Layouts - Week 5

10 November 2011

  Model Railway Readers' Layouts - October 2011  
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This week's line-up of readers' layouts includes model railways from John Phillipson, and Charlie Shaw.

John Phillipson sent in a couple of excellent photographs of his layout 'Foxbury St Stephen and Bearhampton Railway'. John writes:

"This is an ‘OO’ gauge layout based in location on Banbury but combing the GWR, LMS and LNER traffic through one ‘country’ station. Covering an area of about 20ft x 10ft it is a permanent model in the ‘main’ bedroom of the house and operated to a sequence timetable. The main up and down lines run into hidden sidings holding up to 18 trains. There is a branch that runs to hidden sidings for up to six trains and a single track mineral branch serving a number of coal mines. This deals with four loaded trains in hidden sidings and four empties in the opposite direction.

 Foxbury St Stephen and Bearhampton Railway

Having been interested in model railways since 1952 this is my final layout which was commenced in January 2007 with a target date of completion by my 70th birthday in May 2013.
Track is mainly Peco code 100 and locomotives and rolling stock are mainly from Bachmann and Hornby with a major replacement program having taken place over the last three years to update the locomotives. There are some kit built wagons and a rake of Ratio MR clerestory coaches. The period is 1946/7 with a few strays from before that date but no BR for me.

  Foxbury St Stephen and Bearhampton Railway

Some buildings are in card from the 1960s but most of the models are scratch built from Plasticard or are adapted Wills Craftsman and Scenic series. The viaduct is similar to Monsal Head viaduct and was weathered to match it from photographs I took before construction began."

Charlie Shaw of Glasgow sent in a detailed photograph of his layout 'Mittelalp'. Charlie writes:

"In BRM of August 2009, I described how that part of my (N-gauge) layout known in our universe as “Burnside” leaks through various wormholes and other space-time discontinuities into alternative, geological and historical conflations of Germany, Switzerland and America (thus enabling me to integrate my locomotives and rolling stock of different countries and epochs). The accompanying photograph depicts part of one such macrocosmos known as “Mittelalp”.


The principal conduit connecting Mittelalp with Burnside is the river Clhone which carries the mighty effluents of what are more familiar to us as the rivers Clyde and Rhone. This “grosser Fluss” flows through the chasm separating the western outliers of the Karmunnokoram” (see previous article) and the Alpine playground of Sunnigaga where Hedeli, Charlie, Ian, Lesley and other elderly skiers enjoy their retirement.
Readers may recognise the “Brig o’ Bietschtal”, across which SSB, CFF, FFS and (very occasionally) SPT, LMS and LNER trains traverse my different worlds.  To the right of Staubbach Linn (RIP, Professor McMoriarty) is the mountain refuge of the Schlangenstein, where St Anthony killed the last surviving dragons and wild haggis. 

In the valley far below, the huge volume of rock, dragon bones and haggis fossils excavated in the extensive tunnelling through mountains and bonnie braes is recovered and processed at Hans von Sporran’s” Betonmischwerk”, no doubt to be utilised in future developments of this continuing fantasy."

Many thanks to John and Charlie for sending in their words and photos. 

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