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Model Railway Answers - What can I Use to Represent Ivy and Other Creeping Plants

11 October 2011

  Model Railway Answers  
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Q: What can I use to represent ivy and other creeping plants?

A: Residential, industrial and railway buildings often have ivy and climbers growing up their walls. There are various products that can be used to represent such plants including:

miniNatur makes an Ivy product that is available in the UK from International Models. This comes with a fine mat with ivy shaped leaves attached to it. The material is easy to tear off from the main piece to suit the area you need to cover - use PVA glue to fix it to the wall. Once the glue dries it will be clear.

Noch dark green Leaves (Laub stock number 07146) are good for representing ivy. This is a large sized scatter material with a texture that is flatter and larger than the usual scatter material so that effectively represents leaves. Just sprinkle it onto PVA brushed on the wall of a building or a retaining wall.

Woodland Scenics' Poly Fibre and Foliage are both good for making creeping plants. Just tease out pieces of them and drape over a few dabs of PVA glue on a wall. To add a little colour - to suggest climbing roses for example - use a few bits of coloured foam pieces from Woodland Scenics, Green Scene, Noch and other companies. You can either brush a little PVA onto the foliage and then sprinkle on the coloured pieces of foam or use a quick burst of nonscented extra hold hairspray on the foliage to act as the adhesive and then ‘throw’ a few of the pieces of the coloured foam onto the main plant.

Creeping plants made from Woodland Scenics foliage mat on a retaining wall by Noch:
Creeping plants made from miniNatur ivy and scatter material:
Model Railway Answers  - What can I use to make ivy and other creeping plants? Model Railway Answers  - What can I use to make ivy and other creeping plants?

Climbing roses and other flowering rambling plants can be made easily by teasing out some of the coloured texture mats sold by 4D Modelshop. These mats include reds, yellows, purples, etc.

As you plan to build the baseboards consider their size and weight. The bigger the baseboard the more difficult it is to carry and to store. The heavier the baseboard the more difficult it will be to move. Baseboards measuring 4 foot by 2 foot are generally perceived to be the maximum size that is suitable for regular movement.

minNatur also retail sections of flowering foliage that can be broken off the main piece and teased out. This foliage comes in six different colours.

Peter Marriott (Railway Modelling FAQs)
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